Guests from five continents will present in PGConf. Asia English Technology Forum

In the December 15th English forum, 13 guests from the United States, Canada, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Pakistan and Indonesia will bring you the technical masterpieces that are the cream of the five continents. If you want to watch the following speeches, please sign up on the website


English Technology Forum



1.Bruce Momjian, vice president of EDB and co-founder of PG international community, will bring you the sharing of < < explain Postgres query optimizer > >. The optimizer is the "brain" of the database, interpreting SQL queries and determining the fastest method of execution. This talk uses the explain command to show how the optimizer interprets queries and determines optimal execution. The talk will assist developers and administrators in understanding how Postgres optimally executes their queries and what steps they can take to understand and perhaps improve its behavior. For those who pay attention to PostgreSQL performance optimization, please look forward to Bruce Momjian's speech


2. Richard yen, chief support engineer of EDB from American PG User Group, will bring you the sharing of < < Explaining EXPLAIN: An introduction to EXPLAIN Plans > >。This talk discusses what EXPLAIN does, how to interpret its output, what inferences can be extracted from its output, and what can be done to improve query performance. Please look forward to Richard yen's wonderful speech.


3. Michael christofides, co-founder of pgmustard from the UK PG User Group, will bring you the sharing of < < A beginners guide to EXPLAIN ANALYZE > >. This speech is very suitable for beginners,covering EXPLAIN vs EXPLAIN ANALYZE, a 5-step process I recommend, some tools that can help, and where to learn more. Please look forward to Michael christofides's wonderful sharing.


4. Kohei Kaigai, co-founder and chief architect of Heterodb from Japan PG User Group, will bring you < < GPU revision of PostGIS > > sharing. This session introduce GPU revision of PostGIS, with GiST index (R-tree) support, that offers x100 times faster search of GPU supported PostGIS functions. We discuss a use case to extract mobile devices within a particular geolocational areas. Friends who follow PostGIS and GPU accelerated computing, please don't miss it!


5. Paul Brebner, senior engineer of instaclustr from Australia PG User Group, brought you < < Change Data Capture (CDC) With Kafka Connect and the Debezium PostgreSQL Source Connector > >. In this talk, we'll introduce the Debezium PostgreSQL Connector, and explain how to deploy, configure and run it on a Kafka Connect cluster, explore the semantics and format of the change data events (including Schemas and Table/Topic mapping), and test the performance to see if we can really achieve "Cheetah" speed. Finally, we'll show how to stream the change data events into an example downstream system, Elasticsearch, using an open source sink connector and Single Message Transformations (SMTs). Please don't miss this speech for those who pay attention to debezium logical replication.


6. Asif Rehman, senior database architect of Hornetlab Technology from Pakistan PG User Group, will bring you a speech on < < PostgreSQL replication > >. This speech will introduce all existing community-based and open source replication options in PostgreSQL. Please look forward to asif Rehman's speech.


7. Ibrar Ahmed, senior database architect of Percona LLC, also from Pakistan PG User Group, will give a speech on < < A Deep Dive into PostgreSQL Indexing > >. We’ll take a look at how to use pg_stat_statment to find opportunities for adding indexes to your database. We’ll look at when to add an index, and when adding an index is unlikely to result in a good solution. So should you add an index to every column? Come and discover why this strategy is rarely recommended as we take a deep dive into PostgreSQL indexing. PostgreSQL database enthusiasts who pay attention to index should not miss ibrar Ahmed's speech.


8. Muhammad Usama, senior database architect of Hornetlab Technology from Pakistan PG User Group, will give a speech on < < PostgreSQL HA with Pgpool-II and whats been happening in Pgpool-II lately....> >. This speech will explain the function of watch dog, recent enhancements to watch dog, and describe how to use it to provide PostgreSQL HA and automatic failover, The main functions added in the latest major version of pgpool II are summarized. Friends who pay attention to pgpool must pay attention to this speech.


9. Cary Huang, senior database development engineer of Hornetlab Technology from Canada PG User Group, will give a speech on the theme of < < The principles behind TLS and How it protects PG> >. This lecture discusses the principle behind TLS and how to configure TLS in PG. PostgreSQL database enthusiasts who are concerned about security, please look forward to this speech.


10. Karel van der Walt, head of mentalarrow company from South Africa PG User Group, will give a speech on "modular computing through common table expression (CTE)". This speech discussed SQL Common Table Expression (CTEs) - and some PostgreSQL-specific features - allow for new modes of modularisation of a computation. PostgreSQL database enthusiasts interested in CTE, please look forward to this speech.


11. Yugo Nagata, chief scientist of SRA OSS company from Japan PG User Group, will give a speech on the theme of < < PostgreSQL Internals and Incremental View Maintenance Implementation > >. Incremental View Maintenance (IVM) is a technique to update materialized views rapidly. A materialized view stores results of the view definition queries and enables faster query response. This feature is not supported on PostgreSQL yet, but we have proposed a patch-set to implement it. In this talk, I will explain some of PostgreSQL components used in the IVM implementation including triggers, tuplestore and ephemeral named relations for those who are interested in PostgreSQL internals so that you can use these components for your own PostgreSQL development project. Friends who pay attention to the new features of PostgreSQL in the future, please look forward to Yugo Nagata's wonderful sharing.


12. William Albertus, cloud platform engineer of Gopay company from Indonesia PG User Group, will give a speech on the theme of < < Patroni and WAL-G Adoption Story From One of The Biggest E-Wallet in Indonesia to Ensure High Availability in Handling Billions $ of Transactions > >. In this speech, William Albertus will introduce how Gopay uses Patroni to ensure our availability in PostgreSQL and wal-g, In order to archive disaster recovery. PostgreSQL enthusiasts who follow Patroni and wal-g, please lock this speech.


13. Takeshi Mishima, Ph.D. in Engineering Principal Scientist of SRA OSS from the Japan PG User Group, will give a speech on the theme of < < A Middleware to Synchronize Multiple Instances in a PostgreSQL Cluster > >. Friends who pay attention to PostgreSQL database middleware, please look forward to Dr. Takeshi Mishima's wonderful speech.

General agenda of the conference