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Six sub forums of China, South Korea and Indonesia gathered!

December 16th is PGConf The third day of asia2021. Six sub forums were held Next, the Editor takes you to review each sub forum.

See you again in PGConf.Asia2022!

December 14-17, 2021 Postgresconf.CN & PGconf.Asia2021 Conference was held grandly through the online!

Reviews of the seven sub forums | PGConf Asia Technology Conference Day2 continues!

December 15 was PGConf Asia2021 DAY2, Seven sub forums were held.

Day1 main forum review | PGConf Asia2021 Asia Technology Conference was held!

On December 14, 2021, postgresconf CN & PGConf. Asia 2021 has finally opened.

PGConf. Asia 2021 conference will begin on December 14

The curtain will start in 12.14.2021. 101 speeches, come to pgconf Asia gathers with global developers

In pgconf Asia - main forum, overview of the evolution of Tencent Cloud PostgreSQL Technology

Speech time: 12.14 10:50-11:20 Speech topic: Tencent cloud PostgreSQL ecological evolution and technology architecture sharing

Listening to Tencent cloud experts' in-depth understanding of database technology at pgconf. Asia

the experts team of Tencent Cloud Database will also bring three sharing sessions in the Chinese Technology Forum

The original Indonesian speech is in pgconf Asia Jakarta sub Forum

Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia, is also the largest city in Southeast Asia.

Guests from five continents will present in PGConf. Asia English Technology Forum

PGConf. Asia English Technology Forum will broadcast live worldwide. In the December 15th English forum, 13 guests from the United States, Canada, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Pakistan and Indonesia will bring you the technical masterpieces