In pgconf Asia - main forum, overview of the evolution of Tencent Cloud PostgreSQL Technology

Speaker: Dr. Liu Shaorong, head of Tencent cloud database technology expert group

Venue: Main Forum


As the head of Tencent cloud database technology expert group, Dr. Liu Shaorong will bring you < < Tencent cloud PostgreSQL ecosystem evolution and technical architecture sharing > > in the main forum.

With the development of Tencent's businesses, Tencent cloud has worked in the field of PostgreSQL database for many years. So far, Tencent cloud has released rich database product lines in the industry, such as cloud database tencentdb for PostgreSQL, cloud native database TDSQL-C PostgreSQL, HTAP distributed database tdsql PostgreSQL, distributed analytical database TDSQL-A PostgreSQL, etc.

This sharing will review the development of Tencent cloud in PostgreSQL database, analyze some experiences and experiences in ecosystem evolution and technical architecture, and look forward to the development direction of PostgreSQL in the future. Please look forward to it!